The kitchen is where the magic happens

The best way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Here at ALLSPRAYPAINTED we think this statement is relevant to everyone, not just men. And a lot of the magic happens in the spice rack.

To make your cooking even more inspirational, you can spice things up a little by making your own perforated spice tags. All you’ll need is a perforating craft punch, some colored craft card (we chose black as it looked cool), a Montana FINE ACRYLIC marker, some Montana SPRAY ADHESIVE and some replacement tips for varying application effects (optional).

Make sure your spice jars are clean and free of dust or oils. Take the craft card you chose and punch out your perforated shapes. Our punch cut circles.

Make sure the card you choose is not too thick so it can adhere to the jar glass but not too thin so it can receive the adhesive.


Using the marker tip you prefer, write the name of the spice on the pre-punched label in the style you desire. We went for white on black, but you could use any combination you like.


Once the words have dried, shake your spray adhesive well and spray a little on the back of each label. Carefully apply the label to the relavent jar and allow to dry. That’s it, you did it! Now to prepare some food so you have an excuse to reach for your new spice jars. Happy Crafting!