Hologram Glitter Lamp

Creating ambiance with light

Have you ever thought „wow“, when you go to one of those hip cafés or restaurants and look up to see lighting that looks so cool and expensive. We wondered how we could create ambience in our homes with easy to use materials. With a little help from Montana HOLOGRAM GLITTER EFFECT spray, we were soon getting into it.

We gathered a few supplies that we thought would help us get to where we wanted to be. Cool lamps with a modern look. We needed some scrap paper to cover our spray area, some thin ply wood, a saw to cut it (coping saw or jigsaw preferable). Some more scrap paper to mask off areas and some masking tape to hold it down. The difficult part was the light bulb and fitting, plus some some strong electrical tape. Luckily the key to garage helped solved those problems. Otherwise visit your local hardware store for some assistance with this. Finally our favourite Montana GOLD can color (Shock Black) and the finishing touch a Montana HOLOGRAM GLITTER EFFECT spray.


The first step was to create the wooden circles of which we wanted our mount our lights in. A plate from the kitchen served as the perfect stencil for 2 circles once placed on top of the ply wood. We drew around it, and using our coping saw cut the circles out. Basis of our lamp made!

Our masking tape was once again our trusty best friend as we stuck some spare paper over one half of each circle to cover the remaining wood we didn’t want to paint. After 2-3 minutes of shaking our cans, were ready to go and the first coats were of the Montana GOLD color Shock Black. A perfect dark base for our HOLOGRAM GLITTER EFFECT spray. Once completely dry it was time to apply the HOLOGRAM EFFECT SPRAY which we fell in love with at first sight.


Removing the masking tape and paper left us with a perfect line and each circle being half painted.


The last step was the icing on the cake. The strong electrical tape served as a perfect material to attach the wooden circles while leaving a gap for the light cable. We fed the light cable through the gap and the lamp was ready to go active. Now to go and make a Latté and enjoy our new café corner in the kitchen. Happy crafting!


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