Harmonizing Hues Corner

Easily create a series of matching objects

Welcome back to allspraypainted.com, where we delve into the art of sophisticated DIY projects using Montana Cans. This time, our focus is on creating a cohesive ensemble of interior objects using the vibrant shades of Montana GOLD Line in Shrimp Light and a bright Red! Get ready to transform a wooden chair, a table lamp, and two small round wall decor pieces into a unified masterpiece. Our creators Cira and Lischa from Don and Dandy went to get some of their favorite interior pieces to create an all consuming color concept that will make your home feel warm and super stylish! 

Materials Used


Before diving into the colors, prepare your canvas. Lightly sand the objects or opt for the Montana Cans Universal Primer (depending on your object you might want to use Metal Primer) for a solid base. For longevity, pay extra attention to the wooden chair. Ensure your workspace is clean, dry, and dust-free.

Hold the can at a 45-degree angle for a smooth gradient effect as you paint each object meticulously. Slow and careful strokes will bring out the best in Shrimp Light and your favorite hue of Red! To avoid paint dust, use a drop sheet to protect against spray mist. Don a mask and gloves to keep your workspace clean and safe.

The goal is to craft a series of objects, all painted in the harmonious duo of Shrimp Light and Red! This uniform color scheme will tie together a wooden chair, a table lamp, and two small round wall decor pieces. Imagine the impact of placing these coordinated pieces in one corner or area of your home — creating a unique atmosphere with a personal touch.

Here are all the steps in a brief overview: 

Prepare Your Workspace: Clean, dry, and dust-free.

Pre-Treat Objects: Lightly sand or apply Montana Cans Universal Primer, especially on the wooden chair for longevity.

Choose Your Colors: Opt for Montana GOLD Line in Shrimp Light and Red!

Hold at 45-Degree Angle: Achieve a smooth gradient effect from one color to the next by holding the can at a 45-degree angle.

Protect Against Paint Mist: Lay down a drop sheet to avoid unwanted spray mist. Wear a mask and gloves for a clean working environment.

Paint Slowly and Carefully: Take your time to bring out the best in each object.

Create a Unified Ensemble: Arrange the finished pieces in one corner or area of your home for a cohesive and personalized atmosphere.

With a careful blend of Shrimp Light and Red, turn your wooden chair, table lamp, and wall decor into a stunning series of interior objects. The color coordination will catch the attention of anyone entering the room. Elevate your space with a personalized touch, and stay tuned for more inspiring DIY projects at allspraypainted.com. 

Happy crafting!