Fine Art the easy way

There are plenty of shops selling framed prints that look pleasant. But nothing looks as good as hand made art. Even if you think you can’t create it. Possibly you just need an inspirational starting point which is why your here. Thanks to mother nature, one of these sources of inspiration is the humble feather.

To make your own ACRYLIC feather painting, you only need some Montana ACRYLIC markers in Fine and Extra Fine, some nice white drawing paper (preferably good quality), a pencil, a simple frame and some time.

The best start is to find some feathers outside. But if you can’t find any, you could find some alternative inspiration elsewhere outside. The secret is to choose your Montana ACRYLIC marker colors wisely. Less is more, so we chose 3 colors. Shock Black and Copper Matte in Extra Fine. Copper Matte and Sahara Biege in the Fine markers.

With a pencil, sketch out three simple feather designs trying to create a different approach to each feather. We experimented with placing one over the other before we committed to a final composition. For some variation one was drawn curvy, one linear and the other filled with different shapes and patterns.

Each feather was then drawn with a different color.

At this point you may think, „I’m happy with this“. If you want to go further you could also add some small details like leaves, or follage. Get as creative or stay as minimal as you like. The final touch is mounting your picture in a frame. And again, “less is more”. Often a simple frame emphasises that your work is hand made. Well done and Happy Crafting!

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