Marble Effect Pin Board

Making pin boards cool again

Not everyone is attached to an electronic devise for the organisation of their days, or for inspiration for their creativity. Specially kids! But the old cork pin board in the kids rooms doesn’t get much of a look these days. At least that was before we pimped it. A trip to the garage and within minutes we had what we needed to start.


Materials Used


How it was done

It didn’t take much to convince the kids that the cork pin boards in their rooms needed a face lift. We cleaned the dust off and using our masking tape, we stuck a line of tape from one corner to the opposite side. You could choose and shape your form however you like. After shaking all our cans well and removing the safety ring from under the nozzles, we grabbed our Black METALLIC EFFECT Spray and put 2 coats of paint on one side of the masking tape. The edge of the tape became our boundary to protect the clean side. We let it dry and after lunch returned to apply some MARBLE EFFECT Spray.


This was fun to use and we noticed the changing the distance of the can to the pin board would give us different spray patterns on the board. By now the kids were watching over our shoulders eagerly, waiting for the finished product and its return to their rooms. We removed the masking tape which left us with a crisp dividing line between the painted and non painted sections. Before I could take a photo, the pin from the table and were back in service in a flash. All that and it wasn’t even dinner time yet.

This project is for beginners and will take you between 15 and 30 minutes. Happy Crafting!