Christmas Marble Makeover

Sometimes less is more when it comes to Christmas decor

Christmas is a great time of joy, togetherness and chance to reflect. To take a rest from the everyday and remember to celebrate the year that was. Or at least it could be. So why do we always wind up in stress and panic, buying things we last minute that we don’t need and over doing the decorations, so in the end we ourselves don’t actually like the look of them anymore? Sometimes less is more. And often classic, minimal decor is actually the most timeless and easy on the eye. So in a world of bigger is better, this year we decided to make our Christmas tree small and simple. And we don’t regret a thing! Heres what we did.

Materials Used

How it was done

We started by preparing a corner in our work space with a drop sheet. Then we dug out some old Christmas baubles from the garage. Ours were not white, so we cleaned then free of dust and oils and let them dry up in preparation for painting them white. If you have, or buy white ones, you could choose to skip that painting step. While we were cleaning baubles, we also dug out the old glass vase that had been screaming for a makeover for ages. Also cleaning it, and letting it dry. We then masked off and covered the top half of the vase, making sure we could spray the base without any paint overspray landing anywhere else. We shook all our cans for 2-3 minutes insuring that we could hear the mixing balls moving freely.

We took off the nozzles and removed the black safety rings from underneath them. We re-applied them and gave a short test spray not in the direction of our project. Ppppfffftt. Perfect! Now the fun began. After putting on our gloves, we held the baubles in our finger tips and gave a light coat with our Shock White, Montana GOLD Spray. To avoid having to hold them till they were dry, we attached them on some cord and hung them to dry. Turning the masked vase upside down, we then sprayed the base lightly, which was now the upper part of the vase that was exposed. After 5 minutes we gave everything a second light coat. Things were already starting to look different. With a little re-shake, the Montana MARBLE Effect Spray was at the ready.




We then took a little more distance and sprayed both the baubles and the vase lightly so web like strands landed on them. The beauty of the MARBLE Effect Spray is the closer you apply it, the more it looks like spider web. The further away, the more it looks like marble. Which gave us more ideas came to us for the future… The final touch of color was a small spritz of Montana GOLD, GOLDCHROME on the baubles. Only a light spray from a distance, in one spot. Less is more. The effect looked fabulous and our black and white baubles now had a soft, regal touch. Once they were all dry, we removed the masking tape from the vase and cut a pine tree branch to size so that it was just the right size for the mantle.

The baubles looked amazing and the little marble touch connected them to the painted section of the vase. A great interior feature that was modern, yet timeless. With a little water in the base of the vase, we were sure that the branch would outlive the festive season. We chose to use the Montana Shock White as a base coat, but you could choose another if your interior colors follow a theme.

This project was an easy one to do. The hardest part was deciding where to mask off the vase and how much glass to leave exposed. There is approximately 30 minutes of actual work time this is simple to fit into a hectic schedule. Happy Crafting!