Retro Sign with Vintage Spray Filter

A piece of plywood turned into a beautiful retro styled sign

Recently we introduced to Vera of Nicestthings the new MONTANA VINTAGE SPRAY FILTER. Within no time at all, she had an idea. One that is perfect for your home too. With the interior of a classic American diner in her mind, Vera set off to make a vintage Coffee shop sign.

Montana VINTAGE Spray Filter – Creating a retro sign

First she needed to gather the materials and prepare her tools. She needed; ply wood to paint on, a Montana GOLD (Shock White) to undercoat the wood, Montana ACRYLIC markers to draw the wording with, a pen or pencil, some paper, gloves, masking tape and of course the new Montana VINTAGE SPRAY FILTER. Then it was time to head off to the studio or workspace to make the magic to happen.

 Vera soon realised that Montana Vintage Spray Filter is the ideal tool for any retro project. Vintage Spray is a solvent-based, high quality acrylic spray, low-pressure effect spray. It didn’t take long to turn the lifeless piece of plywood into an inspiring, retro style shop sign. “Delicious cold brewed COFFEE served here”. The only thing left for her now was to top-up her coffee cup.

Making the coffee taste delicious with the Vintage Spray

Step 1. Prime the plywood with Montana GOLD (Shock White). This coats the surface making it no longer porous. It also gives a white surface for the best coverage and color resonance.
Step 2. Pre marking or embossing the design onto the plywood by drawing over a pre-made paper drawing that was attached with tape onto the wood. Pressing hard made the design discretely visible on the wood without marking it with color.
Step 3. Using the Montana ACRYLIC markers in the Fine and Extra Fine sizes, Vera drew over the embossed design and added color where desired.

Step 4. The final touch after everything had completely dry was to apply the Montana VINTAGE SPRAY FILTER in thin, multiple coats.


Montana VINTAGE Spray Filter can also be used in conjunction with Montana VARNISH for additional protection once completely cured.



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