Marble-Style Side Table

A DIY project for interior design with a high-end look

Decorating with books is pretty much a natural for book lovers, but we have a DIY project to take this whole thing to the next level. Our lovely DIY expert Vera, from ‘nicest things’ has provided us with a fantastic project we want to share with you today.

You will need: a stack of hardcover books (think thrift stores or yard sales), some strong tape, a pair of scissors, a can of Montana ADHESIVE TECH spray, a Montana ACRYLIC Fine 2mm marker (make sure the color your choose is visible on the book covers), a large plastic sheet or some old newspaper, latex gloves, a mask, a can each of Montana MARBLE EFFECT spray and either Montana GOLD SH9120 White Pure or G7010 Marble and Montana VARNISH TECH spray in the finish of your choosing.

Vera: “When I first used the spray I didn’t expect the effect to look so real. The Marble Effect is one of my favorite sprays, it is just very stylish!”

First of all, you  will need to prep your books. Start by taping all the pages together as shown in the picture. Next, use your Montana ADHESIVE TECH can and spray the front and back covers. Then close the book, maybe put a little pressure on it, and let the adhesive spray dry. Repeat these steps for all of your books. Once you’re books are prepped and ready, it is time to get down to the aesthetics: stack your books in such a way that you like the balance and shape of the side table. Now this might take some time, so don’t rush it. Once you’re happy with the look of your soon-to-be eye-catcher, use your Montana ACRYLIC marker to trace the shape of the purposeful ”misalignment” on each book, so that you can easily recreate the exact shape of your book stack. Before you start stacking, make sure you have prepped your area by covering your work surface with a plastic sheet or some old newspaper.

Now you need to lift all those (heavy) books off of the first book and start at the bottom, spraying your Montana ADHESIVE TECH spray on the traced shape of the first book cover. Then, place the second book from the bottom on top of your first book, making sure to line up those traced outlines just perfectly. Continue up your book stack in this fashion: spray – align – stack, spray – align – stack. Once you’re done gluing your books together, it is time to go to town with the Montana GOLD color of your choice. Vera chose Montana GOLD SH9120 White Pure, but you could also go with a light grey color such as G7010 Marble. Coat the entire stack in spray paint and then let it dry. When working with aerosol paints, it’s always a good idea to protect your lungs and hands by wearing a mask and some latex gloves. Once the paint has dried, it gets really exciting: using the Montana MARBLE EFFECT spray, cover the stack with the fine colored paint strands creating the marble effect on your books. Make sure to keep the can in smooth motion going back and forth over your object. When you’re happy with the look, let the paint dry thoroughly. As a finishing touch, you can opt to seal it with a Montana VARNISH TECH spray of your choosing. And you’re done! Now all you have to do is find a place worthy of your new masterpiece and wait for all those compliments to roll in. You’ve done it again, created an eye-catcher for your home. Handmade by you.