Green Nightglow Wall Lamp


Radiant Transformation 


Welcome to another inspiring DIY journey at allspraypainted.com! In this edition, we’re delving into the realm of decorative brilliance by transforming a wooden lamp cover into a radiant masterpiece. Join us as we guide you through each step, using the vibrant palette and exceptional effects from Montana Cans’ product line to create an illuminating wall lamp cover that adds a unique touch to any space.

Materials Used


Before embarking on your creative journey, ensure a solid foundation. Sand the wooden surface if necessary and prime it with Universal Primer, creating an optimal base. It’s crucial to work in a clean, dry, and dust-free environment to achieve the best results.

Prepare the Workspace 

Start by safeguarding your surroundings with a drop sheet, ensuring your workspace is protected from spray mist. Equip yourself with a mask and gloves to create a clean and safe painting environment.

Base Coating with Montana GOLD

Begin the transformation by applying the lively Montana GOLD Line in green as the base coat for your wooden lamp cover. Take your time during this step, painting slowly and meticulously to achieve an even and vibrant result.

Create a Gradient with GRANIT Effect

Elevate your project by adding depth and texture. Incorporate Montana GRANIT Effect Spray in Grey, applying it gradually to create a captivating gradient on the wooden surface. This step adds a touch of sophistication to your lamp cover.

Elevate with MARBLE Effect in White

Introduce a layer of intrigue using Montana MARBLE Effect in White. Watch as it delicately creates a mesmerizing spider web-like effect, enhancing the visual appeal of your lamp cover. This sophisticated touch adds an artistic flair to your DIY creation.

Nightglow Finale

Seal the transformation with a final touch of magic using Montana Nightglow Effect Spray. This luminescent layer not only adds a subtle glow to your wall lamp cover but can also be activated by exposing it to light. Witness your creation come to life, even in the dark.

The ultimate goal is to infuse your space with a captivating atmosphere and a personalized touch. Montana Cans’ versatile color palette and effect sprays offer endless possibilities for expressing your unique style.

Your wooden lamp cover has evolved into a stunning piece of functional art, casting an enchanting glow in your space. Explore the boundless possibilities of Montana Cans’ products to elevate your DIY projects. Illuminate your surroundings with creativity and make every corner of your home uniquely yours. Happy crafting!

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