Glitter Christmas Boxes

Decorating boxes with glittery ease

To paper wrap gifts or to not, that is the question? At allspraypainted you never have to ask this question twice if we should endeavor into a Christmas project. The answer will always be “YES!” And if you add Montana GLITTER Effect Spray to the conversation, you would probably get a “Yes Please!”. Here is our Christmas Glitter Boxes tutorial!

Boxes are simply awesome, also for Christmas

They are all-season, practical, usually aesthetic, they store stuff and the more boxes you have, the more stuff you can store. Sometimes you can even use the things in the boxes to decorate them. And if you have nothing, then they look like sculptural art that brightens up your home. Or at least until you find things to put in them and then they just become awesome again.

Another important question, when you finally have found all your beautiful Christmas presents is – how to wrap them? Paper is beautiful yes, but only fun until the moment the gift is unwrapped. We tried to change our mind this year and added these beautiful Christmas Boxes under our tree.


We started with the classic cardboard box. Ours were black which was the ultimate color as a base for Montana GLITTER Spray. But if yours are not black, just grab a can of Montana GOLD in the color Shock Black and make your own base color.

The most fun part apart from the painting is realising that there are boxes available everywhere at Christmas time, both new and used. So keep your eyes peeled, shake your cans well and get cracking. Check the video to see how we did our Christmas Glitter Boxes.

Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting.