Decorative Christmas Delight

In a cozy village surrounded by nature, our creator Vera came up with our most recent festive idea: transparent Christmas baubles – stacked on top of each other. The unique look is fun, easy and ensures a breath of fresh air for your Christmas DIY! Let’s dive right into Vera’s process to see how she creates these warm and mesmerizing pieces of decor that will catch your eye as well as those of your festive guests! 



No pre-treatment required. Ensure your workspace is clean, dry, and free of dust.

Painting the Baubles

Approach each bauble with patience and precision. Apply one color to each bauble, choosing from the delightful Montana GOLD Line Transparent colors—Yellow Cab, Ketchup, Olive Green, Hazelnut, and Cherry Blossom. Introduce a touch of metallic magic by adding Montana GOLD Line Gold Chrome to the mix. To avoid paint dust, use a drop sheet, wear a mask, and don gloves.

Stack and Glue

Once the single baubles are beautifully painted, consider your design. Carefully glue together three baubles as if they were elegantly stacked. Hot glue works wonders for a secure and seamless bond.

Finishing Touch

Elevate your creation by attaching a ribbon to the bauble stack. Vera chose a pink one! This ribbon allows your masterpiece to adorn a Christmas tree or hang gracefully from a branch.

Create enchanting decorative pieces for your Christmas celebration in your home, infusing a personal touch into the festive interior space. These glowing baubles serve as a perfect addition to your holiday decor emanating warmth and style. We love how the color combination turned out! There are many more colors in the Montana GOLD Line Transparent Colors so be sure to check them out if you feel like aiming at another color scheme this Christmas season!

Feel free to provide any additional details or any other adjustments for refinement; let your creativity run wild! Happy crafting!