Abstract Patterned Floor Coverings

Putting some color under your feet

Due to our stature as upright human beings, looking down is not often the first instinct we have when walking into a room. But whether people are aware of it or not, the floor plays a big part in our environment. It is the basis of every step we take, it is the surface of which all things support themselves, it is the substance on which we build everything up from. And in the end, it’s the place where everything ends up when it falls. So why not personalize it with some charming floor coverings and some creative abstract color? With the help of some Montana GOLD can colors and some natural fiber floor rugs, that’s exactly what happened in this Abstract Patterned Floor Coverings. Sound inviting? Read on.


Often the rugs required for this project already exist and have their place in apartments and homes on the floor. The rugs we chose for this activity were made of natural fibers and were beige in color. However, it is possible to use other rugs, mats, or pieces of carpet should they be available. The ideal materials are natural, non (or minimally) treated materials like cotton, jute, or wool. This is not a must though. Natural materials are better for the environment, have a tendency to absorb the paint better, and will be more durable to wear and tear later when in use. Shape and size are not relevant. If it works for your space, then it is possible to give them some new abstract color.

The steps for this project were simple and able to be undertaken by any DIY or creative skill level. Once the rugs are chosen, found, or purchased, ensure that they are completely dry, clean, and free of dust and oils. If required, grab a piece of paper and a pencil, and roughly sketch your rug/mat shape(s) out a few times. Then, consider how you might like to divide these spaces into squares, slices, or geometric shapes. Once the rough ideas are decided upon, either check your Montana GOLD can supply at home and see which colors you might want to use and combine together, or look at a Montana GOLD color chart and pick the colors you want to buy for your designs. We chose a mixture of the earthy colors Shrimp, Cappucino, Shock Brown, Caffe, Manilla Green, and Mushroom to compliment the natural beige base color of our rugs.

Assuming you have chosen your colors, shaken your cans vigorously for 2-3 minutes until you hear the mixing balls moving freely, have your mask and painting gloves on, and prepared your painting space, it is now time to carefully apply the first color to the shape you have masked off with masking tape and some sturdy paper or cardboard. This will ensure the rest of your rug is protected from overspray, and the shape you have created with your masking tape is crisp, clean, and exactly as you wanted. Spray in thin even coats from about 15cm from the surface of the rug(s), in a sweeping motion from side to side. Remove the masking materials shortly after having applied the color.

Once the shape you have just painted is touch dry or more, repeat this step to create the layers and shapes of color you intended. It may be necessary to take off your gloves when removing the paper from the masked areas and setting up the new color shapes. We chose to leave selected areas of our rug uncolored so that there was a balance between positive space (the added color) and negative space (the rug’s natural color).


The paint has dried overnight. The paper and masking tape used to cover the non-painting areas have been removed, and our gloves and painting masks have long been removed and are back in their storage spaces. What we are left with is some fantastic abstract compositions that make our rugs practical surface coverings, decoration, and now, even pieces of art.

The cleaning instructions for the care of your rugs will be the same as was before you decorated them. However, it must be considered that friction, excessive water contact, or agitation could lead to the damaging of your added color. If mud or dirt is deposited on the rugs, it is best to allow them to dry and then brush off with a soft brush.

Or if you want to avoid and chances of them being damaged, use them in rooms where clean feet are more likely to come in contact with them.

With a view outside, a cup of something warm in our hands, and the mood of the light in the room just perfect for taking a moment to breathe and reflect, how nice the Abstract Patterned Floor Coverings are to look down at the wonderful works of art that reside under our feet. Well done and Happy Crafting!