Vintage Effect Wall Art

New photography the old way

The Montana VINTAGE400ml spray has intrigued us from the minute we laid eyes on it. With the knowledge that we could turn any modern photo into a historical-looking icon, all that was missing (until now), was time to try it out.

But what is VINTAGE spray anyway? The VINTAGE spray is a solvent-based transparent yellow acrylic coating that is low-pressure and UV-resistant. By spraying thin even layers to your photographs or artwork, you can make modern images look as if they are old and aged in an instant. All while adding protection and longevity at the same time. Here is how we used it.


Finally, a little bit of spare time came our way, and the chance to do some tidying up soon led to a moment on the couch with photos in our hands. Ahh, the memories when you look at pictures taken on holidays of moments that seem a lot longer ago in our minds than in the photos. Even with the ability to take black and white photos on modern cameras, it still doesn’t look quite as cool as those old yellowed photos that you know have been hanging on the wall for ages or buried in your parent’s photo albums for decades. A perfect time to try the Montana VINTAGE 400ml spray for exactly the purpose it was designed for.

Taking our photos, we prepared a painting area and wiped the dust off our chosen photos with a clean cloth. Having placed the photos on our drop sheet, we took the VINTAGE spray that we had shaken for 2-3 minutes thoroughly and applied a thin even coat working from the outside inward. Depending on the effect you want to achieve and the size of your photo, you could experiment with how you apply it and in which motion(s). Important is that you don’t apply it too close. 15-25cm away from the surface is ideal. We then left it to dry thoroughly.

Believe it or not, that was all we needed to do! The only decision-making process left was how to display the photos we had given the VINTAGE touch.




Our photos were dry and handleable. They looked as if they had been taken 100 years prior, even though they were actually taken the year before when we were at the beach.

Two simple pieces of wood which we painted with a vibrant Montana GOLD pink color served as both a hanging frame and weight to keep the image flat and straight.

It got us thinking that this was a tool that could serve us well for the creation of artworks or objects too. But that’s a project for another time. An amazing result with the absolute minimum effort required. 5 minutes of work and a lifetime of enjoyment afterward. Great work and happy crafting!Bargain demon