Where do all these ideas come from?

Ideas are a dime a dosen. That is until they are actually put in to practice by people who believe in them and love what they do. At allspraypainted we are lucky to have a great bunch of people that not only have ideas, they know how to make them happen. Here is a little about them so you too can be inspired. We are delighted to introduce:

Vera from nicestthings

Vera is not just like the girl next door, Vera is the girl next door. Based in the home town of MontanaCans in Heidelberg, Germany, Vera has a special place in the team as she is one of the only contributors that can literally drop in for a coffee. She is a 34 year old photographer and stylist for food and photo stills from Heidelberg, Germany. Next to her love for good food, photography and her blog, Vera is also addicted to Interior Design, Deco and DIY projects. Which we are very grateful for.


In 2014, creative allrounder Lisa brought the website to life. This photographer, content creator, visual marketing consultant and self-confessed lover of Scandinavian aesthetic, Lisa needed a platform to bring all her passions together in one place. Located with her family on the outskirts of Berlin, we have been lucky enough to work with her since 2018.


Katja from kreavida

If you have looked at the word kreavida, you have probably wondered, “what does it mean”? It is a combination of the Germany word KREATIVITÄT (creativity), and the Spanish word VIDA (living). Katja is the blogger who runs the show and she is a proud of her city Berlin that inspires her, she lives near and originates from. Her KREAVIDA blog features food, lifestyle and DIY. And she is definitely not afraid to upcycle!


Rachel from thecraftedlife

Rachel is based in Brooklyn, New York. Her mission is to make life colourful and fun. And she helps people do that through her blog With an emphasis of not making things cost a lot, Rachel can turn a simple object into a shimmering treasure. Whether it be a tip for creating hand made jewellery, an amazing cocktail recipe or just a new creative project to get your inspiration flowing, Rachel is your woman.


 Who’s Running The Blog? – Introducing Leonie Specht

Leonie Specht is not just another blogger. As head of, she has been working with MontanaCans since 2016 where her strengths in all things DIY are celebrated and welcomed. With a not so secret addiction to green tea and the Montana METALLIC Effect sprays, her background in Visual Communication and up bringing in Frankfurt, Germany, were the perfect ingredients for the job. If you have any questions or want to know more about you can contact her at